Biophysics (bahy-oh-fiz-iks) is an interdisciplinary science that applies the concepts from physical and mathematical sciences in the study of biological systems. Many subjects can fall into and around the field of study. The range of topics under biophysics spans all of the levels of biological organization, from the atomic level up to entire organisms and ecosystems. In general, a biophysicist can take any of three major directions: molecular and cell biology, macrobiology, and applied biology. There may also be significant overlap with biochemistry, nanotechnology, bioengineering, agrophysics, and systems biology.

The UBC Biophysics Student Society (bahy-oh-fiz-iks stood-nt suh-sahy-i-tee) was established in 2003 to support both the academic and social elements of biophysics students. Ever since its creation, the Biophysics Student Society (BPSS) aims to bring together all students with an interest in both biology and physics. Just as the science of biophysics is extremely diverse, members of BPSS come from a wide range of academic backgrounds in all of the faculties of UBC. BPSS offers opportunities for students to network with alumni, professors, and students through independent and cross-club events. Some of the goals of the UBC Biophysics Student Society are:
  1. To promote awareness and understanding of the biophysics program at UBC
  2. To increase the knowledge of research opportunities and career paths in biophysics
  3. To encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary communication between students, staff, and faculty
  4. To provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to all students, staff, and faculty
  5. To assist members with projects and initiatives that lead to professional development
BPSS has a longstanding history of being an active member of the UBC community, holding a dual role as an academic resource and social coordinator. The society has experienced widespread growth in all areas and will continue to be a supporter of students and biophysics in the present and moving into the future.
The UBC Biophysics Student Society offers support for both the academic and social aspects of our students.

The field of Biophysics contains many different areas ranging from molecules to proteins to organisms. With such diverse range of topics, the laws of physics that apply to each topic is equally varied. Therefore, Biophysics brings together many different topics of physics to bear into the investigation of biological matter.

Upcoming Events:

Careers Night
Time: Weds, Jan 15 2013 @ 5:15PM
Location: Michael Smith Labs
Cost: Free
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